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    Need Cash Partner to help build real estate portfolio

    jturk123 Newbie
      Im looking to partner with someone to build a real estate portfolio. I have access to some phenomenal deals both in Florida & across the U.S. Im sitting here salivating at what Im seeing, however I do not have the funds to build a portfolio. What Im looking for is pretty simple, Im looking to partner with someone who has the money & interest to invest to build a portfolio. I have access to properties that are being sold anywhere from $3400 to $15,000, they are not tear downs, its just that the owners had to dump them to clean theyre books. I have a background in real estate & have rehabbed homes, rented & managed them & work as a wholesaler (someone who finds wholesale properties for cash buyer investor / landlords). Being realistic but slightly conservative, I would say on average the ROI would be a minimum of 24% but I would truly expect a greater return, thats a conservative estimate.

      Please contact me if you wish to discuss.
      813 786 6247