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    Sell Web Hosting ($4 per month) - $70.00-$135.00 per sale

    Arvand Newbie
      Arvixe is a 6 year old veteran of the web hosting industry. We have mastered the linux and windows virtual hosting industries and are offering an unbeatable affiliate program featured here:

      Check out our products here:

      Details of the program:

      !! Earn from $70.00 to $135.00 per sale - Take advantage of the highest payout in the web hosting industry.


      1-6 sales gets you $70.00 each
      7-12 gets you $90.00 each
      13-19 gets you $115.00
      19+ gets you $135.00 per sale!!

      !! Doesn't require a hosting account with us - You don't need to have an account with us to sign up. Start earning today.


      !! Monthly Payouts - Get paid on the 1st of every month by check or paypal.


      !! Initial Commission - Get $10.00 just for signing up!


      !! Only 60 days of hold period -
      To verify the orders for fraud, we only delay the commissions for 60
      days (our money back guarantee period). After that, the commission is
      all yours.

      You can make a sale on even a $4.00 per month hosting account. Questions? Post them here and I'll be more than happy to answer.