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    I need a business plan! Advice on how to write one

    Molokay Newbie
      About two years ago I started my own online business after I saw the potential it has from other sites. By "other sites" I mean sites who represent my material and generates me money. So far it has been funded by my savings as well as income I generate from these other sites. Now that I truly understand what it takes, te next step is to get funding, but the only way to do so is by having a business plan.

      Because the business was intended just to generate additional passive income, I never gave a serious thought to make it big. For that reason, I do not have a BP. Now I need funding to take it to the next level.

      So far I have found templates on the internet, but it seems to be too simple, but those that are complex use a language that I'm not used to.

      So here are my business plan questions:

      1- Where can I find a template of a business plan that comes with a step by steps guide?
      2- It is okay to get an already made business plan as just modify it as needed?
      3- I know there are companies that can do it for you, is this acceptable? and if so, how much should I expect to pay?
      4- Is there another suggestion?

      Here are other business plan related questions:

      1- Based on the idea I want to quit my fulltime job to dedicate myself to the company, should I include a salary for myself in the business plan?
      2- What tools or standards should I use to meassure how much should my based salary be?
      3- I currently manage the website from home. Is this a bad thing or raise a "red flag" when getting inverstors?

      Here are other questions:

      1- Assuming I get funding, how much should I expect to give in return and within what period of time?
      2- What if the business does not work? What things should I consider if it fails?
      3- Is there a type of investors that take the risk of loss when investing?

      As you may have figure out, I'm a newbie at this business plan/getting inverstors thing.

      Any advice will be much appreciated. Thank you in advanced.

      All best.