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    Offer Websites for $10 and earn $75 each sale

    Wayfarer is expanding and hiring sales agents to promote our $10 a month website hosting.

      To do this we can only pay on performance, so we are paying 60% or $75 per 1 year sign up. We pay every week so if you get a sale you get a paycheck on Friday.

      If you need extra cash or just money to pay the bills, this is a great opportunity for you.

      We are not some big mass marketing company, we are a small home based business that you can call and speak with us. We are just average people with a great product and moving to the next level.

      If you can imagine getting in on the ground floor with a company like ebay or google when they were just 2 guys in a garage. This is a chance to get started with a company with that potential and drive when we are still in our garage.

      We can all make money at this and be very happy.

      To sign up go to