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    Created a new site: - Now whats next??

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      Some background:


      We developed a online registration system for running events (5K and 10K). It was created for the event coordinator who wants some type of registration system to track participants and financial records, below are a few capabilities of h system:

      • The online registration system has the ability to handle multiple registrations.Meaning a individual can register multiple individuals without having to re-enter their credit card number multiple times.
      • Tiered pricing (date specific).
      • Sends registration confirmation to the person registering.
      • The online registration system has been used by a local running shop that provides timed running event services. It did have some minor bugs but they were fixed.
      • The system has registered roughly about12,000 total individuals (4 racing events).

      We still have a little work still left on the Web site. We need to add screen shots of the registration pages. The text still needs a little enhancement. SEO not complete. This should all be completed by the end of next week. We are planning to live demo the registration to any interested event coordinators (for now one on one).


      What we are looking for:

      • Comments on the look and feel of the Web site.
      • Any specific recommendations on improvement.
      • Marketing direction (we do want to stay local east coast for now); long term marketing goal would be nationally.
      • Any ideas on funding if we would like to jump start this and really make this a top notch system that would make the big guys notice. Really only one big guy.
      • One last thing we really want to cater to the small to mid size event (200 - 3500) for now.

      Thanks in advance for your comments and criticisms.