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    Personally in bankruptcy, but need line of credit for buis.

    denviromental Newbie
      I started a buisiness in May of 2008 doing enviromental work. I recieved one yearly contract and two other month to month subcontracts. I have bids out for pending contracts currently, but will need more equiptment if they are accepted. My wife and I are in a chapter 13 bankruptcy with out personal finances since 2005, and no one will give me any type of loan or line of credit because of this for the buisiness. I also have been approached this week to submit a bid for work that will pay great, but I do not have the capital to buy or rent the equiptment for the job. Can any one give me pointers or suggestions on how to approach my small buisiness bank about a line of credit, even if only for 90-120 days until payment from the job is recieved. I hate to pass on a money making job, only because I don't have $5000.00 capital to rent some equiptment.

      Please advise me, I am new to the buisiness world!