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    Looking for an angel investor/investors or Loan!!

    magnetic09 Newbie
      We are a manufacturing company of a high end hand built revolutionary new table hockey game! The Owners of our company have provided the capital needed to take the project from its initial concept to its current, production state. The Company requires start up funding for the initial eight month ramp up period, and possible additional investment for the remainder of the year to keep production running smoothly, while the sales process begins. The initial funding will be used to provide necessary upgrades to the facility and equipment, purchase parts for production, and for completion of the order tracking database. In January of 2004 the Owners were awarded a U.S. Patent on a manually operated hockey game simulation known as "Magnetic Table Hockey". Over the past decade their invention has evolved from a conceptual design to its current manufacturing stage through multiple prototype trials. We have a very strong business plan and an excellent marketing team. We just need funding to get us over the hump so to say! Please take a look at our product at
      Below is a description of our product

      Introducing the first truly unique table hockey game in over a half century! New technology used to drive the players merited U.S. patent No.6,682,070 in 2004. Using this new technology the game offers an endless variety of play making, scoring and defensive options, with the only limitation being the game player's imagination.
      Our goal was to engineer a product that actually simulated the play and feel of a real hockey game. While traditional hockey games use slots which restrict and confine movement, M.T.H is slot-less so you can freely pursue the puck in zones creating unlimited passing and shooting angles. Eliminating these obstructions allowed us to design a playing surface with unmatched speed and absolutely no dead spots! The players can pass and accept passes while still shooting with accuracy and tremendous speed, but what makes this game so special is its emphasis on defensive play. This game is designed to give you the ability to make any shot stoppable and has the most realistic goalie ever designed. No other game on the market comes close to matching the 'in game feel' of our goalie or the importance of him as a strategic element. M.T.H challenges the true hockey enthusiast. Every Game is Hand Made in the USA!