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    Late paying clients creating havoc for business

    ddel44 Newbie

      Our small industry magazine is hurting from late paying advertisers. We can't get a line of credit as we have bad credit due to some very small issues.

      We have been very good with our business for 4 years and it has been with BofA for 4 years, but our personal credit sucks even though we own our own home and almost 2 cars.

      Now that the economy is tanking the clients who are paying late, which is almost everyone, are bringing our business down and we can't run it without them making payments. What can we do to survive? We need the line of credit for running costs. say a month ahead, but can't get it due to bad personal credit. Which in my opinion is ridiculous, because my bad credit is due to 2 late car payments in 4 years, one $90.00 medical bill that I was in dispute over and ended up paying it anyway just to get it out of the way.

      Any advise would be appreciated.