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    2 Qs, Contractual Relationship & Contract Inclusions

    massagefever Adventurer
      I just leased a building to move my massage therapy practice into. It has several rooms that I hope to rent to other therapists. The first lady to move in is an esthetician. Because she doesn't have an established clientele yet she will start out paying me a percentage of the business that she does each month, eventually she will pay a flat rent rate each month. She'll provide all the things needed to perform her services, I cover utilities etc. I would like for it to have the feel of one office, one business to the clients, Similar feel in atmosphere and providers (being very careful about who rents, my reputation is on the line). However, I feel they should be able to set their own hours, prices, etc. So what kind of contractual relationship should this be? My name will be on the business sign and she has mentioned nothing of having her own business name. We have just had a general meeting so far. Right now, we are both thinking about what we feel would be fair to have in the contract and then we'll meet again to hash out details. So how do I label it?

      Also, as we do the contract, what kind of things am I just never in a million years going to think to address?