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    Green Building Consulting Co.Seeks Expansion Capital Advice

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      Since our entrance into the green building and energy efficiency industry in 2006, we see before us an incredible opportunity to gain significant market share like never before. As a sustainability consulting and implementation firm with an emphasis on delivering the highest ROI to our client, our company has the reputation, connections and positioning to generate significant new business. We require additional capital to expand our implementation staffing to accommodate this high project volume potential.


      We welcome any advice or suggestions, including anyone who understands the options that may be available for grants or financial incentives available to a company such as ours through the Stimulus Act. We are open to either equity investors, lenders or other means to allow us to expand our operations now. The level of capital required is directly related to the speed and breadth of expansion we can achieve.


      We are open and encouraging to bring on additional high level executives to assist in our expansion- we have numerous untapped areas that require top C-Level management to execute. We are dedicated to the true triple bottom-line for our clients and our company. We welcome likeminded investors or institutions, passive or active in desire to expand our growing concern.


      We have demonstrated a profitable venture that is at the right place at the right time; our business is to the point of minimizing the risk and maximizing the reward for the right partners and capital resources that will accelerate our success. We welcome any serious and qualified inquires, as well as any advice.

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          Not sure what the stimulus package will do for you. What types of products/services do you offer? Plus, if you are profitable - why do you need investment?

          Really not sure what you are asking for. If it is capital - how much do you need and what will the funds be used for? If it is management - what types of skills and expertise do you require?

          You have to be a bit more specfic.

          In regards to grants - try SBIR or STTR grants at - not sure if you fit this as I don't know what you produce or require.
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              GreenBuilding Newbie

              Thank you for your reply. I did review the SBA link you provided- it seems most appropriate for an R&D company with proprietary technology. Our company, SkySite, is a marketing and implementation company that does assist such technology companies to the market place. I don't think we qualify for the SBA program as of yet.


              What we do:


              Our main area of focus is improving the energy efficiency of existing buildings- improving building value with the reduction of operating expenses by utilizing compelling ROI green building solutions.


              We have two main areas of activity:


              Educational Division: Conduct major green convention initiatives, seminars and online portal in development. This Media division supports itself through booths sales, ad revenue and sponsorship, while at the same time, generates leads for our Consulting division.


              Consulting/Implementation: Conduct energy audits, develop ideal solutions that deliver high ROI and implement these improvements like a green general contractor. Examples: Such improvements involve lighting and HVAC up-grades. SkySite assists clients with their corporate sustainability objectives.


              Why funding: We can grow our business over time by reinvesting our profits. Considering the sales cycles of our projects, we would not be able to capture the enormous amount of business we see before us. This market is exploding due to the convergence of many factors and we have the ability to engage many prospects due to our favored market positioning. But need additional resources to do so...



              Use of Funds:


              Expansions of Implementation team:


              Consulting Division:


              Energy efficiency solution design team: Building science professional - PE, CEM, LEED APs, etc


              Sales and Operational Management: C-Level individuals to assist in expanding the size of team on a highly efficient and accountable basis.


              Educational Division:


              Content Coordinator, Editor, Sales Management


              Additional infrastructure: Network, CRM, Project Management System, etc.


              Heavy investment made to date that has created our company's market positioning- we have conducted major outreach programs with real estate associations and garnered a reputation and market presence over the last couple of years. Now it is time to take full advantage of prior efforts.


              Amount of Funds:


              This will depend on a few factors. For a loan, we are looking in the $250k to $500k. For equity, we are seeking $500k to $1mil. We are most open to have an active investor with proven C-Level track record who can assist with the many areas of activities and opportunities we are concentrating on.


              I look forward to your comments. Thank you for your future reply in advance.
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                  I would suggest - Access Venture Partners- or CleanTech Group -

                  With Access - reveiw their portfolio companies. Contact several of those to see if there is some synergies. Then, ask for an introduction to the partners. You can also search for other VCs that play in your space - lots of information on the web. Don't be afraid to look off-shore for the investment. - Find a way to get an introduction to the VC firm - do not go at them directly - look/work for an intro from someone they know and trust.

                  With CleanTech - go directly to them.

                  No sense in getting a loan then trying for equity capital - might do it the other way around.

                  Make sure you have a great pitch - demonstrate a track record (with the current business) and within your management team. This is what investors invest in - not products, not ideas, not dreams - people and results.

                  Lastly - know your market - the players and your customers - and stay away from the jargon - just the facts.
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