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    Need your advices please (regarding marketing)

    Rainbow6 Newbie
      Hello all,

      I need your advices with promoting my business, not only on the internet, I'm talking about generally promoting it.

      What is the best way to get more traffic to a business's website which offers their costumers curb appeal ideas.

      I really don't know, maybe online marketing won't be the best way, maybe it will.
      This is why i'm posting this question to you people, please try to be objective with this.

      Thanks in advance!
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          SherryLeigh Wayfarer
          You need to develop a good marketing plan by first researching your demographic. You need to learn as much as you can about "who" your customer is. After you figure out exactly who will buy your product, do some more research to learn which strategies will work best for them. EX: If you learn your market is the Gen Y crowd, then Internet marketing via networking sites, like Facebook, MySpace and YouTube are probably going to give you the biggest return on your efforts.

          Another suggestions is to look at how your "successful" competition is marketing and see which types of marketing might also work for you.

          Your marketing strategy shouldn't be a guessing game. It should be based specific reserch of the audience you intend to pursuade.
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Need your advices please, Welcome

            Who are you?? It is so much easier with a first name. Also go to Members page and add some info.

            I am a SCORE Counselor and yes SCORE is FREE. We at SCORE help people with Marketing Plans.
            You can also go to SCORE online and visit its FREE Virtual Learning Center with 26 FREE online courses including Marketing.

            Good luck, LUCKIEST