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      Hello Again,
      Maybe someone can help me,
      I have worked in Lighting and Electrical for 30+ years.
      I know how to help everyday people Go Green and save money on their ENERGY Bills.
      I know things changes to make that will save people MONEY!!!!!
      I want to start a business as a Color Rendering/ Energy Saving Consultant.
      Color Rendering: Be Office, Restaurant, Home or any other business you tell me the mood you want for lighting, I can help you get the mood color your looking for. People think they can just go to any hardware store and get CFL's and they get home and they don't like the color of the light. Than they get mad because it's not what they wanted. Thats where I come in I can help with COLOR RENDERING if you get the right mood CFL's can save you lots of MONEY on ENERGY COST. I helped a friend get the right mood for his mom & pop restaurant after someone else didn't, and tryed to sell him what he didn't need he got mad and gave them back to the company that sold them to him. Now he's happy because now he got the mood he wanted and is saving money. *_Example he had 26 incandescent lights of 60 watts on dimmer @ .14kh, a year cost was around $950.00. Now he has 26 CFL's at 5watts equal 30watt incandescent on a switch @.14kh, a year cost around $ 160.00 per year, He is no
      I just don't know how to get this started and how much to charge people for consulting charge because I need to see the mood they want before I can help them.

      Thank you,
          AmbitEnergy Wayfarer
          Energy Deregulation is a Gold Mine, but you are going up against some pretty high competition. There at least 3 companies out that have been around for a few years that are out there saving the deregulation and all of them have an income opportunity for their consultants. You're better off becoming a consultant for one and building your own business.

          For anybody unfamiliar with the deregulation, I have informational videos about the industry.

          For spamming purposes, please e-mail me for the link.
            LUCKIEST Guide
            "SAVE HUNDREDS on ENERGY COST", Welcome Harold

            I would happy to work with you and help you start your business, develop both a Business and Marketing Plan,
            help you figure out how much to charge for consulting.

            How do I get in touch with you?? Phone?? Email??

            Talk to me, LUCKIEST at " "
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              GreenBuilding Newbie

              Hi Harold,


              We too share your passion for saving energy. Our company has been up and running for the last 3 years, working with commercial properties throughout the US with particular attention in the Chicago market; saving property owners enormous amount of energy costs, and increasing their property value. Lighting is often the "low hanging fruit" that will provide that fastest payback.


              I would certainly enjoy the opportunity to discuss how to assist you with your business. What area of the country are you in? Please contact me or send me your contact info.

              The sooner you are up and running, the better off we will all be!