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    Any good gift ideas under $100 for star employees??

    findingnemo Wayfarer
      I'm interested to hear some good gift ideas under $100! We are planning a year-end star employee recognition program and want to limit the budget to $100 per headcount.

      Thanks for any ideas you can share!

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          DomainDiva Ranger
          The women will love gift certificates for manicure & pedicure at a really nice salon. (yes its the Diva in me....)

          Men will like a gift certificate to Home Depot or Orvis, maybe Eddie Bauer, or restaurant gift certificates.
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              WEBillions Adventurer
              Or a massage! I'm sure divas would like that too.

              Also consider getting something personal. Find out what your employees like. It will mean a lot more to them if they know you spent some time considering what to get them, even if you spend a lot less money.
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                  NEK_BODY1 Wayfarer
                  I like how you think WEBillions! Finding out what your employees like is key! That way you are not waiting time, money or energy on something that none of your employee will use!
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                      Broxigar Newbie
                      I know I am a little late to respond. But then this is what I did for my star performers:

                      I gave them $50 in cash/I used company checks - I told them that I wanted to get them something but then decided that I will give them the money so that they can spend it however they want...maybe use it for gas (The prices are skyrocketing and some employees really liked that idea).

                      I also printed a certificate that I made and called it "GEM Certificate" - Going an Extra Mile...and they can put it up on their cubicles. The reason I did this is that they can also put it on their resume and show their new employers, the certificate. - This is one way of saying that I am not a selfish employer and I am as concerned about my employees as I am about my product!

                      • Brox
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                  Marks Funding Newbie
                  AMEX gift cards - they can be used anywhere for almost anything. Also I had a vendor that once sent me a booklet of gifts that I could pick from. The company sends them differerent books for difererent amounts. Therefore, no one knows how much you spent they just see a booklet with about 20 choices for them to choose their gift from. It was nice.
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                    cage_rattler Newbie
                    Give the gift of wellness. I highly recommend the services of the Be You Bi Yu Wellness Spa located in Bethesda. They offer a variety of spa services designed to relieve stress and promote well-being. You may want to consider a gift card so that your recipient can choose for themselves. Spa number 301-493-4911..
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                      Lighthouse24 Ranger

                      I give gift cards (as others have already suggested).


                      I also allocate a small percentage of the total I spend toward the purchase of something inexpensive, yet personal to the recipient. For some people, we choose a serious item, and for some it's more of a gag gift, but it is always specific to the individual. Last year for instance, an employee who is here from the UK received her gift card with a box of chocolates that are only made in her home town. Another employee received his gift card with a movie poster of a film that is one of his favorites. Choosing these small gifts takes some time and effort, but I think it shows employees that we as managers have gotten to know them and care about them as individuals. Plus, it makes the whole process more fun.


                      We have a special dinner to present recognition awards, and each recipient is invited to bring a spouse or guest. As we present an award, we really brag on the person, and on his or her specific contributions. We thank the person, and thank the people who supported them. It's a true celebration. This aspect of the program costs far less than the awards and gifts, but it may ultimately be the thing that makes people feel the most valued and appreciated. In other words, WHAT you give them may not be as important as HOW you give it.

                      A lot of organizations don't bother with any of this, so kudos to you for planning to recognize your stars!
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                        MerleHaggard Newbie
                        OK, I'm gonna answer a little differently, since the other replies are answering a "good gift idea that COSTS $100"--different question for "under" $100.

                        I would get them a fancy paperweight. You can put it on your cubicle so everybody knows you're the star, everyday of the year.

                        And best of all, from us employers point of view, they cost almost nothing if you buy them in bulk (less than $10 for a fancy one).

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                          misterweirdo Newbie

                          Let me start out by asking you first as to what business you are in, and what does a typical employee do in your business.

                          Second, do you have any other form of Employee Recognition program in place? Doing just an annual recognition is not enough. What type of recognition reward do you offer at monthly or quarterly level (if you are doing that)

                          Finally, you may be able to barter products or sevices with other businesses as incentive give aways and they don't really cost you anything. For example, as a restaurant manager, I used to "trade" with other restaurants. I had a movie theater that gave movie tickets in exchange for Pizzas when I worked at Pizza Hut. I used those movie tickets as recognition awards.

                          Let me know if can be of further service to you in any way.

                          Rasheed Hooda aka Mister Weirdo
                          BE Different! Be Yourself!
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                            LUCKIEST Guide
                            Good ideas under $100. You have got some really great answers with good ideas.
                            In the old days everybody got a turkey. Today gift cards are the NEW gift of choice.
                            Question?? Are you looking for gifts that cost the value of the card or are you looking for give away, promos
                            that advertise or inexpensive knock offs that your employees think they are getting some thing more of value??
                            Do you have a budget?? LUCKIEST
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                              FruitionCC Newbie
                              I just opened a retail coffee business and we are going to have some really nice gift baskets on the website soon, many for <$100. Coffee always makes a nice gift, and as a bonus, you won't have employees who are late because they were in line at Starbucks! :) If you need something specific, feel free to email me and I will help you get whatever you need within your price range. Best of luck!
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                                Matzz22 Wayfarer
                                I am working with Ribbon Gift Album. Depending on the you budget, you get those albums ranging from $25 - 750 and hand it over to your customer.


                                You just have to consider your budget here and not the customer's taste etc as there will be a number of options for your customer to choose from. Then they will just pick up the phone or order there gift over internet and the gift will be shiped to them, of-course no shipping.


                                This can be proved to be an excellent way of showing your appreciation.


                                Let me know if you need further information.


                                Best Regards.
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                                  NatOnline Tracker
                                  I've got some gift baskets for less than $100 ;-) eh eh eh
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                                    NEK_BODY1 Wayfarer

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