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    Running Adds Over The Internet

    rouldph Newbie
      Ok I wanted to let every one know about this new way of using online Net Audio Adds!

      What is Net Audio Adds (Website Audio Adverting) if you could say 15 words to thousands
      of people what would you say?

      Impact millions of Internet users with the power of NetAudioAdds Internet aduio advertising. NetAduioAds are
      on line aduio adlets that are played right when a visitor visits one of our 46 million participating webpages.
      These ads are not only affective, but measurable; NetAduioAds media campaigns are audited and verified
      by accredited third party auditing companies, so you can rest assured that your marketing dollars are going the distance!

      Creating your NetAudioAds is fast and easy.

      How It Works!

      Harness the unique power of NetAudioAds to boost your bunsiness!

      Measure Online Aduio Advertising Audiencve
      Take advantage of Internet's more than 907 million daily online visitors, 97% of which have computers
      that are equipped with aduio systems!

      Aduience Penetration and Reach
      Your audio advertisements are played for 5 seconds when a listener visits any one of 42.5 million websites currently
      carring NetAduioAds.

      Unique and Effective Advertising
      No other form of media can assure your message has been delivered and played on an Internet
      user's computer. And unlike radio and television, our online audio ad impressions require a listener to be present to open a webpage.

      Target Listeners by demographic
      NetAduioAds simply deliver the target market that you need to reach. Your audio advertisements
      are placed on websites that contain content relevant to your geographical target markets.

      Target Listeners by Loaction
      Gero-target your NetAduioAds to listeners that in specific states, cities, or zip codes.
      Never waste advertising dollars marketing outside of your geographical target market.

      Frequency and Repetition of Ad Impressions
      Use the power of repetition and frequency effectively boost your marketing and branding. Choose the ad version and number of plays a listeners will here for every
      3 minutes they visit a site.

      Traceable and Verifiable Audio Impressions
      Track your NetAduioAds impressions with our online, real-time report. Rest assured that all NetAduioAd
      media campaigns are audited and verified by accerdited third party auditing companies.

      To learn more and here them in action go here