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    Web Based Business/Help Site.

    Dwaz39 Wayfarer

      I have a great idea for a website that offers assistance to tenants who have poor landlords. My problem is that my background is in Finance and Accounting, not web-based anything. I read all of these articles from credible sources (CNN, Money, Forbes) about people starting blogging web-sites and making a little money on the side. I just can't seem to figure out where the revenue stream comes from. Does any one have an idea? I would be curious to find out.


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          BDS INC Adventurer
          As a property manager (landlord to about 30) I understand when tenants have complaint's and your site sounds like a great idea. My advice is to sign up with an ad serving network like etc. These sites will sell ad space on your web site and the price is based on the demographics of your site and the amount of site traffic you get. Also, look for companies that may be interested in a site like yours and set up affiliate agreements. Real estate companies, property management firms, etc may all be interested in your disgruntled site visitors. If your site visitors are unhappy with their currently rental situation, they'll likely be looking for a new one.
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              Dwaz39 Wayfarer

              Thanks for your input - I will look into the site you suggested. I assume the revenue streams are generated by links to other things such as property companies, lawyers, R/E agents and such.

              Where do you have these properties. I just recently graudated only have one property so far. I am always interested in hearing other peoples dos and don'ts.
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              WEBillions Adventurer
              You need people before you can get revenue. The money comes from the ads. The more people that come and the more pages they look at, the more potential ads they see. So first, you have to get the people.

              As I a finance and accounting person, I know this is hard to hear. You want to know that you'll be making tons of money, exactly how much, and when? I'm a physicist by trade, so I understand wanting to know the details. I've run into the same problem when starting my new social network on goal development.

              The truth is, it's most likely going to be a while before you see much money. It can take time to build up traffic unless you are willing to put a lot of money into advertising. My advice--start the site part time while you have some steady income from another job. Once you start seeing some income, you can quit the day job.

              There are all sorts of ways to speed up the process (paid advertising and outsourcing your site), but they all cost. Good luck. It sounds like a neat idea.
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                Terry78 Newbie

                What type of help are you looking for is it for your Website or for the landlords? If you are looking for a job to make money as in parttime and you set your own hours then I can help. And I can help you with your landlord problem also.

                If you do not have a Website, if you are looking for an affordable one I can help you too. email me.

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                  manupushye Newbie
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