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    Web design

    chethichess Wayfarer
      I want web designing for my new video sharing website can any web designers help me.
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          pdmiller Adventurer
          I can talk with you about what you are looking for in a website. You can contact me toll free at 1-877-692-9347. I would need more specifics as to what you are looking for with your website - e-commerce? social networking? how many pages? what features do you want on it? how big is your company? etc. Please visit my company at

          Thank you,

          Patty Miller, owner
          Affordable Web Design and Graphic Solutions

          1-877-692-9347 (toll free)
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            RitzaN Newbie
            we have resources with skills in designing website as per your requirements , if interested please email me at
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              LS2000 Newbie
              We can help you - LucidStream builds affordable, self-brandable online video social networks that function a lot like YouTube. We produce these sites for individual companies to use exclusively to build their brand and customers. We add your logo and company colors, and optional bulletin boards, mass video uploaders and other features that make your site unique.

              Take a look at:


              These sites come with an admin panel that lets you manage members, uploaded media and groups, as well as several banner-ad placements. Your members can manage their profiles and upload video that gets processed automatically and streams instantly from our network.

              Please contact us toll-free at 888-508-0575. We are offering some great discounts this month on setups and we can have your new site online within a week.