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    Need to grow my software Company...

    bisu82 Wayfarer
      Hi All,
      we are a software development company that creates and develops software applications and systems that are leading products in their respective industry segments. The company exceeds the expectations of its customers by creating timely, innovative and cost effective software solutions that improve the quality and profitability of the clients' businesses. We have been providing software development services to the customers around the world including UK. We have a dedicated team of software devolpment in Bangalore,India.We have very good experience is designing and managing web portals and sites using .NET, php and Java technologies.

      we need advise how to increase the growth of the company and to get more projects.we are also open for outsourcing.Basically we are targeting the UK and USA market.What should be the next move?

      Any sugestion will be valuable for us.

      Thanks in advance.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Need to grow my software Company, Welcome

          The next move would be to develop both a Business and Marketing Plan to increase growth of your company and get more projects.

          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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              bisu82 Wayfarer
              Hi Luckiest,
              Thanks for your suggestions.
              Well Now as we are pretty new...we don't have also our inside sales team.Like apart from 10 clients i dont have any info.If I will statrt from Scratch ,how to know about the project information and how to develop my marketing skill?

              This suggestion will really help me.
              Thanks and take care..
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              SherryLeigh Wayfarer
              I'm not sure what kind of budget you have, so I'm going to assume you want to promote your business as cost effectively as possible. If you already have customers that are satisfied with your service, leverage it. Use testimonials to help you promote your business, they work. If possible video tape a few of your satisfied customers raving about your company and service, then try posting them on your Web site and on sites like

              You may also want to consider link exchanges with companies that your audience visits. You might also consider contacting graphic design, advertising and marketing firms to spread the word about your services.

              FYI: To help keep testimonials credible they should include the persons "real name", their location, company and a photo if possible.
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                designpeople Wayfarer
                One of the most cost-effective way of marketing your services and expertise is to develep a strong web presence via a professionally designed business website and a targeted online advertising campaign using search engine marketing i.e. Google Adwords, Yahoo Search, MSN.

                Our company can help you in creating a website that will give your business the necessary advantage it needs in the market and the provide the expertise in planning and managing an online advertising campaign. Check out our site and call us for a free consultation 1-800-242-8992 ext. 331.
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                  bmt2008 Adventurer
                  SherryLeigh makes a very good point in leveraging your satisfied customers. You could also ask your customers for referrals. Offer them a slight discount on future services for evey referral they send your way.

                  Just a thought
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                    Iwrite Pioneer
                    The best advice you have gotten so far is to develop a marketing plan.

                    Before you hire an external agency, get someone internally (this can be a full time employee or a consultant) that can help you develop your marketing plan - then move forward with developing your marketing plan.

                    After your plan has been developed, you will have a clear picture of what you need your marketing to accomplish. Then find someone who can do more than build you a website or do SEO or create print or direct mail - find you someone with the skill set to handle all of your external marketing needs. Why? Because this will insure a consistent and strong message across whatever media you use.

                    Let's be real and honest here - the message is the most important element of your marketing. Who you are trying to convey your message to will determine how you do it. But first get a strong message. People here are going to try to sell you on whatever they are peddling, be careful and take your time to make sure you get the most for your money.

                    People are going to start coming out of the woodwork trying to sell you on their solution for your business and they haven't even talked to you or researched your situation - that should tell you a lot. Your solution is not the internet or tv or direct mail. It is in the message you develop and the people you are trying to reach with your message.

                    The suggestion to leverage existing clients is a great one! But you can also use the feedback to shape your message - they are existing clients, they can tell you why they do business with you and what it is that makes your business special.

                    Please take a little time to find someone interested in helping your business really grow and not so much into making money off of you. Good luck, it isn't as hard as it sounds.
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                        bisu82 Wayfarer
                        Hi Iwrite,
                        Thanks for your valuable Suggestions.Yes we are doing the same kind of activities what you have clients are the greatest asset for me as of now .but now i want to expand my business towards the other country.How can I improve my Business devolpment policy?what should be the right approach and how I will have the information of projects or tenders are there for a particular company?

                        Also I want a little more from you in future also..

                        take care.
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                        ECOSUBHAJIT Newbie

                        Our company is an UK based privately held Applications Integrator.We specialises in the design and delivery of cost effective IT
                        solutions, with a focus on integration technologies.We have offices in London and Bangalore.

                        Right now we are looking for a strategic partner in our operation in India as we are venturing into the Health care segment.Our CEO
                        is now in India and we would like to have a meeting with you as we find your company as a kind of company what we are
                        looking for.
                        If you are interested please send me a mail to immediately.Also inform me about the profile of your company, staff strength and whether your company has done any project for the healthcare industry or not.

                        Looking for your immediate response

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                          rwhanco Newbie
                          I've seen the advice need to find a business leader to match your technical expertise. Someone who can find the problems in the market you need to fill, influence your development of new products/services, and then lay out a plan and go to market strategy to get revenue from them. You need marketing, yes, but you need a sales executive who can manage marketing. Marketing is a service, and for software you can market all you want but if you don't have the right operational people (sales, delivery, support) to make it work you can spend all the money you want on google adwords and you'll get nowhere. I've done this for 3 other companies, and the company I'm with now is experiencing 70 to 90% growth year over year since we put together technical expertise with operational excellence...those two things together will make you successful.
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                            bizconsultant Scout
                            Offer something that a) stands out from the thousand of other software companies b) offer it through a USP - Unique Selling Propostion and c) Narrow it down to a specific niche market. These three things alone can dramatically develop your business

                            Anthony Jones - Business Development Consultant