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    Any Book Publishing Company Reccommendations?

    Perrie Newbie
      I am new to this community. I was just referred by Bank of America Staff. Smile. I am a TV Talk Show Host/Author/Fitness Instructor.
      The problem I have experiencing... just recently I placed an order for 50 copies of my published book, "A Tribute To Mama." with the online publishing company It costs me $336.82 for 157 page book. I placed the order on March1, 09. Bank of America processed the funds from my account March 5, 09. I contacted Lulu regarding this order, but was told they never received the money. To date I have not gotten my order of books, nor has Lulu provided confirmation of the order, nor has the money been refunded to my account. My question is... How do authors resolve situations like this? Are there any reasonable/reliable Book company reccommendations?