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    Company Names and Trademarks

    DomainDiva Ranger
      I would like to just give back what I have learned in my business:

      1. When you decide on a name for your company, use every search engine on the internet to research how that name is being used. Google (search the internet) the name in a sentence, used in every context...question...sentence...asked and answerd

      2. That being said you may have to go through a lot of names before the one you want is available. As soon as you have a name get the domain at godaddy or yahoo. And be sure to get all of the .com, .net, .org, .us etc.

      3. NEVER file a trademark application online. OK so it's less expensive ...WAYYYYYYYY less expensive. However when the approval is near and the trademark inspector says that your orange is yellow look you are in for some real problems.

      4. Check out corporate/company names at the Secretary of State

      5. If you are even thinking about a trademark or patent get an attorney. You can easily put someone on retainer for about 2000.00. Believe me..... this is money in the bank! If you have a logo you need a trademark.

      6. The Trademark Office will come back to you and tell you if someone else is using a name close to yours.

      The point is business entities guard their product presence and will go to great lengths to protect them...people just can not start picking names and expect to have no consequences if the homework is not done.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          DomainDiva, Thanks for such great advice.
          That is why I joined SCORE, To give back to the community that was so good
          to me and my business when I was working.
          Through SCORE and the interesting people who spend time on the internet
          I am still learning. I believe that what you give comes around.
          Again thanks for sharing.
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            WEBillions Adventurer
            How early should you apply for a trademark? For example, my online community in launching early next year. We've gone through about 4 logos now. I think we have a winner or at least close to final version. As soon as we decide, should we apply? Do it make sense to wait closer to the launch?
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                DomainDiva Ranger
                It takes 6-12 months for the app to be approved. If you get the TM and you have not launched you can apply for an extension of use, for a cost of about 1000.00.

                The TM office assumes that you are using the TM actively when you file it, I filed way early because of pressure from the marketplace and competition. .

                As soon as you have your design, start the process. It will take you a few weeks to get set up with the right attorney, get settled on fees, get money escrowed as well as the artwork. Be sure you have described your colors accurately and with the correct numbers like orange 23. Also submit your artwork in serveral formats, jpeg, tif, etc.

                If you are using a designer be sure to give your attorney ALL contact info fro everyone concerned.
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                NatOnline Tracker
                I trademarked our company name and our logo online, but took advises from our attorney before doing that.

                We did that to secured our company and our logo in case of problems arise in the future.

                We also thought that a trademark give an established sign to our visitors and not just a company that pop up from nowhere and doing business online.
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                  BenjiJuanKeno Newbie
                  I have heard a lot of horror stories about small businesses running into trouble with this. It even happens to big outfits. I think a company name and logo are too important to skimp on. I like the Brandwise Law Firm. Their web site is at and it has a lot of good, free information. They even publish their fees and rates.