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    Volatility Trading Partnerships

    shadowventure Newbie
      Ok, in the new world of market risk...the only way to make a serious
      return on invested funds is to have a program that is designed to take
      advantage of proprietary trading programs models.

      We are now in process of accepting applications from potential
      investors for participating in specific trading partnerships. Lets face
      it if you were in mutual funds you are still licking your wounds from
      both 2007 and 2008....2009 will be most likely another painful

      We will set up dedicated partnerships for minimum of 100 million
      dollars per partnership. What that means is you must have a minimum of
      5 million dollars of real “risk capital”. Each month that we have a
      profit you will be sent a check for your share of the profits for that
      month. It’s real simple and straight forward. We will not accept just
      anyone either. We must be sure your money is clean and legally
      documentable. A short Term program is also available with a required minimum of 5 thousand dollars.

      If you are interested then email us at and we will get back to you. You can check us out at