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    Starting a consulting business

    rekm4lnc Newbie
      I am just starting my own legal nurse consulting business and am in the process of researching and creating my business/marketing plan and learning what the legal implications of setting up a small business are. I have some questions on the legalities of setting up my own business in Calif. ie, do I HAVE to get a business license if I am the sole owner/contributor and will be working out of my home? Can I create my own business name using my own social for tax purposes or do I have to register my business name and pay some kind of fee?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Starting a consulting business, Welcome Robin,

          If I was starting my own legal nurse consulting business, I would contact SCORE. SCORE is FREE both in person and online and YES they can help you get started.

          I would also talk to a Lawyer, An Accountant and an Insurance Agent.

          Yes you can use your social for tax purposes, but it is advisable to get a Federal I D Number from the I R S.
          There is no cost involved, Just go to " " and register.

          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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              rekm4lnc Newbie
              Thank you Luckiest. Can you tell me the benefits to obtaining a FIN over using my own social? Would that require a separate tax filing? or would I still file on my own return? Your help is appreciated.
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                  disclaimer Newbie
                  You will need a FIN to register your business with the city to get a business license. You can use your SSN to file your taxes federal and state as long as you are a sole proprietorship or one person LLC. Otherwise you use the FIN. There are no tax advantages or dis-advantages having a FIN. It's for tax purpose only. Some business organizations or companies you do business with might ask for your FIN. It would be safer to give them a FIN rather then your SSN. Be aware off, if you start filing your business taxes using your SSN you cannot change that easy later to file it using the FIN when your business is growing etc. Best is to get a FIN then register your business with State, then with the city and your off to the races.
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                bmt2008 Adventurer
                You can find all the information you need on what your state's requirements by visiting the California's Secrecary of States website. They will tell you want you need for your state and provide all the forms needed. For your Federal requires - visit the IRS's web site. Yes you can use your own SSN - but, if you plan on hiring employees (as a sole p) you will need a EIN.

                Good Luck