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    Finding GOOD overseas purchasing agents

    MarkRNY Newbie

      My company is the Export Management Company (EMC) for a few large domestic suppliers of heavy machinery, mining/oil well eq, trucks and heavy vehicles who are trying to expand their exports, worldwide. Although I primarily handle their logistics, I'd like to try to assist them in finding buyers for their product lines. Just putting an ad out on Freightnet or Ali Baba, etc. won't cut it. These products are high value and verifying the credentials of people overseas is no picnic.

      I was wondering if anyone has any advice on locating good purchasing agents abroad. Ideally the people should be able to do some logistics work, but primarily they'd have to locate and sell these product lines to overseas buyers. The opportunity's a good one since these suppliers are large and first rate. My money will be made from the shipping only since whatever they sell overseas, I'd ship. Any commissions from the actual sale of the products generated by either the supplier or the buyer would be theirs to keep, in addition to the commissions I'd pay to them for the shipping.

      I was hoping that someone here might have a few ideas or be able to point me towards an organization that can help.

      Any advice would be appreciated.