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    Spring Ahead Of Your Competition Use All The Resorces That

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      Spring Ahead Of Your Competition Use All The Resorces That Are Avalible To You by Jon Varley founder of


      Are you using everything avalible?


      Are you easy to find on the internet?


      Are you using every free classified you can find?


      Are you investing back into your business?


      Are you using all the low cost advertisements around?


      Are you changing the way you do business?


      Are you finding some people just seem to be just fine as you are stressed out?


      Are you finding it hard to pay for newspaper tv radio ads?


      Are You getting tired of working all day and not selling products or services?


      Are you looking for other work?


      Are you just trying to get through this year?


      Are you trying those get rich things offered?


      Are you seeing the need for people to come together and work to keep people working?


      Are you out talking to others about the hard times?


      I can go on about the question "Are You" but you get the point! We have seen the layoff notices for about all business. I want to see places from the teachers to walmart to taco bell and all the rest get together and work on a plan within each business to keep as many people working by a cut back across the board.


      An example: Teachers don't need crowded classrooms, more kids in every class do to layoffs they need to make the necessary cut in everyones pay including all employees. Do a percentage cut across the board so it is fair.


      Which is better? All the teachers working for less? or A select few working with crowded classrooms while other make nothing at all?


      Another example: Lenders should allow the renters who pay rent to stay in the repo's/bankowned properties this would keep the cash flow and create jobs for the real estate industry, agent could be paid a small fee for collecting rent and manage properties.


      I support the idea of all of us working on the idea of helping keep as many jobs as possible and it will take everybody to make this work. If the actors/hollywood make some cuts then the tickets to go to the movies should drop and people can afford them. That brings us back to the question:


      Which is better? Everybody going to the movies for less? Or a select few going to the movies leaving seats open that could be filled by working together.


      With this approch it will work-Hmmm Maybe!--------- Come Together Right Now!!