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    Can someone Give me pointers?

    MovinUp Newbie
      My husband and I have a great idea to start a business in South Miami. We have people that would love the services we provide. The problem is we dont really know where to begin. We have money saved up for materials but need additional funding. And we dont really know where to get info on business licenses or permits.The idea and will are there but we need a little help. I dont even know if we should hire a lawyer or finacial advisor or even where to find one.Also, if there are any classes that are good to take. I would like to handle everything myself instead of outsourcing.
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          bmt2008 Adventurer
          There are two free resources in this country that help small businesses get off the ground. The first is SCORE - with SCORE - either in a local office or online ( you can find people who have experience in your industry and are willing to share and provide information about how to get started.

          Small Business Development Centers - these are funded by the SBA and provide all types of guidance and resources in helping business owners start and grow - all for free. Search for a local office - make an appointment. You can search with a search engine or use the SBA's website ( or contact your local chamber of commerce.

          Both of these can help you answer all your questions - and they are free

          Just some thoughts