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    Investors or partners needed - Renewable energy

    mastpierre Newbie
      Hi, our company fabricates biomass boilers for many years. We are in the energy field, a promissing field.

      We just developed a medium biomass cogeneration plant and we actually need partners or investors to help us with our company growth. We have many potential customers already contacted and interrested in our product. We just need more cash flow.

      Potential customers : schools, hospitals, communities, or others medium sized who want heat, electricity or cooling and save big money.

      It really is an innovation.

      2 years in research & developement. Over 2 million $ already invested.

      We just finished a cogeneration plant that produces heat and electricity from biomass with this technology. This new customer is now energy suficient.

      Just to show you how it is efficiency this is, our customer at first wanted to use natural gas for his project, but we convinced him to use biomass. He aggreed. Results : instead of ±3 millions$ in natural gas costs per year, he ended up with ±300,000 $ biomass costs per year. 90% economies !
      Payback of the project : 1.5 year.

      We can give biomass supply garanties, for many years. Just like we did for him.

      This is serious.

      We now need partners or investors to help us with the expansion of our company.

      Visit us at clic on the "biomass cogeneration plant" drawing on the first page to take a look at this last project I just mentionned.

      Become our partner.

      Best regards,

      Marc-André St-Pierre