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    Is Your Website Ranked on Page 1??

    smsinc Newbie

      When you do a Google search of "Your Industry, Yourtown" does your website pop up #1 in the results? Or at least on the first page?

      For example, if you are a dentist in Austin, does your website show up at the top of the search results for "Dentists in Austin Texas"?

      If not, you are leaving a LOT of money on the table. All of the searches are going to your competitors rather than to you. (By the way, "dentists in austin texas" gets 1,600 searches per month on average according to Google) ...That's a lot of leads to be missing out on for those dentists in Austin not on page 1! (And this is true for all industries in all towns).

      Having a website is important. But it's worthless if nobody sees it. I am an Internet Marketing Consultant and I own a business located out of Indiana. I can get your website ranked on page 1 in a matter of days. I also have a bunch of other tricks up my sleeve that many of my clients are already using to drastically increase their business. (Hint: I have a technique that not only gets you ranked on page 1, but you will be ranked several times on page 1, thus dominating your niche, kicking your competition out of the results, and keeping all the leads for yourself).


      Below is my personal email address and cell phone. Feel free to contact me for a consultation so I can learn more about your business. Then we'll see if we can find a solution to help increase your profits using my innovative online marketing techniques.


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