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    Please advice- Indian to start up bussiness in the US

    questions Newbie
      I would like to start a very small office in the US as I have recently opened a new bussiness in India. This would be an internet services based business that I hope to market in the US to clients there in order to make their expenses more affordable especially in this recession period.
      However, I need advice on how to register this business... I am pondering on the idea of registering as an LLC.
      What would this involve in terms of costs?
      Taxes is an issue where I am looking for advice and suggestions too.
      I would be grateful for any suggestions that could help me run a good, clean, legal and profitable business there, in Florida.
      Thank You
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          SUNNY1965 Newbie
          I am an Indian based at Orlando, Florida. If you want I can act as your business representative in Florida on mutually agreed terms and conditions. Please let me know what type of business you want to do and the modus operandi.

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            start_up Wayfarer
            I don't know the answer, but am guessing that it is something with a straightforward answer on the state department website. do you know where you'd like your US office
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              BrowardSCORE Newbie
              If you want to know how to start a business, check with the SCORE office in your area. SCORE is a nonprofit organization that provides counseling, workshops, information and other resources to entrepreneurs and small businesses. The one-on-one counseling and online resources are free, and there is a nominal charge for workshops. The volunteers are both local business people and retired business people and they have a wide range of experience in various industries, disciplines, etc.

              The best thing about it is that it's free. Since they're not trying to sell you anything, they're going to tell you what they think, not try to manipulate you into doing something that will make money for them.

              I don't know what city you're in, but you can check out our website at (it's in Fort Lauderdale FL). Or go to the national site at and use the location finder to locate the chapter in your area.

              It's worth a try. What have you got to lose? Can you find anything more interactive, unbiased and affordable?