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    WHAT TO SELL IN THIS ECONOMY ?? Making money & understaning

    ViViSkinny11. Adventurer

      People still want to buy. We feel good about saving but buying still gives us a sense of normalcy we so crave right now. For boutiques, hair salons and tanning salons we are finding that the customer who doesn't find value in a professional bottle of shampoo will find value in a pair of earrings or a bracelet. This is mostly because the reuse of the merchandise and the confidence and comfort it gives them. We all seek the comfort and enjoyment of the good ol days when we got the satisfaction of purchasing just because. Retailing inventory with a small price tag on it are where retail business owners need to focus. If you are a high end establishment please know that the exuberating feeling is the same for someone buying a $22.00 pair of earrings from your place today as the same customer who didn't think twice about her $200.00 + bill yesterday. Even better, it is without guilt and in the end they will buy more and buy more frequently at your establishment because you offer it. If you are a business in need of an idea to start making the most of each customer the same applies to you. You are smart to offer a variety of retail price points. The worst thing you can do is stop offering retail products in or out of your price range (within reason) because of fear. People naturally like winners. Walk, talk and start choosing like one and the energy will attract people who want to be surrounded by people going somewhere. It is human nature and providing an itch for the scratch is so desperately appreciated. Baby price points are like baby steps for you and your customer. Mj, owner of, shares "Our clientele has spread from owners of trendy boutiques and salons to unique home furnishing boutiques and traveling biker retailers at major venues. It is fun to be apart of peoples success. We sell wholesale fashion accessories while connecting to people all over whom just wont give up regardless of the economy". Visit for QUALITY TRENDY 100% WHOLESALE ACCESSORIES for your business. NO MINIMUM PURCHASE. We specialize in small businesses.