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    life's crossroads

    jp6122 Wayfarer
      Hi, I am looking for some help. I am at a great crossroad in my life right now. I was just laid-off, luckily I have been doing a business plan the past six months for a business that I would love to open. My problem in that I have very little start up money. Recently, I was contacted about a job out of state. Now I am not a dumb person, I have a family and will probably have to take that job and up root the family if it comes to it, but not excited about doing that. I am seeking investors. I will need $300,000.00 for this start-up. I have a meeting with a SCORE counselor this Thursday to check my business plan, the financial portion specifically, so I should be able to supply a business plan by this weekend or the start of next week at the latest. Like I said earlier, I have been working on this plan for at least 6 months and I am excited to get it going.

      It is a weird situation I am in. I have work hard and smart with this business plan, not rushing anything but I have a feeling that I am going to have to move a little faster now. I cannot pass up a job opportunity in this job market, but I know in my heart thats not what I really want to do in life. If I know with great certainty I can get an investor I can take that risk.

      I can e-mail anyone interested in my business the specifics.

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          LUCKIEST Guide
          life's crossroads,

          Let me see if I can help. Most of us have been at life's crossroads and we each handle it differently.

          There is a post from shodges439 that might help you (BUT BE CAREFUL) "My Angels have funded commercial real estate, maritime projects,
          special interest projects, consumer repairs (electrical/plumbing etc).
          Usual investment is in the range of $100,000-$400,000. The only
          criteria is the company must be a US Corporation."

          SCORE can also help. they can provide GREAT advice, BUT NO money.

          Do not pass up this job opportunity if you feel it will give you and your security. You can always come back to this business that you want to open later.

          Good luck, Please email me your completed business plan. LUCKIEST "
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              jp6122 Wayfarer
              luckiest, the plan is not 100% done yet. That's why I am meeting with my local SCORE consultant. I can e-mail you what I have but keep in mind the financial plan section is incomplete.

              Thanks for the tip on shodges439, I will look in to that.

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                NoBullFunding Scout
                Luckiest - there was a post yesterday from you asking someone to email YOU at shodges439@gmail. Today you are sending people to that person but implying that its someone else. What's going on here?
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                    Alex07631 Wayfarer
                    We have to be careful with the following posters:


                    I think they are the same people.

                    I am looking for funding/investors in the range of 75k for a laundromat and they both referenced each other. In addition, shodges said she got from ggoodard 500k.

                    She says in her email to me to vouch for ggoodard that she sells, repairs, dismantles and assembles for shipping Pipe Organs but has no website and the business name is created with word of mouth and only uses the internet for email.

                    I wish I end up being wrong on these two. But it seems like they are scammers.

                    Too bad because I really needed help on this venture that is already profitable. I haven't posted again on here inquiring because Mr. Goodard asks for an upfront fee.

                    There is really no help for people like us out there, it seems.
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                  MrchntSrvcs Wayfarer

                  Hello, Obtaining funds to jump start your business is not easy but is possible. There are some places you can visit on-line but always be careful and do a background check to make sure they are legitimate. A company that I was refered was there you can post your business plan for investors to look at. I offer merchant services in case you want to retail your business. Hope every thing works out for you there is nothing more rewarding than having your own business. GOOD LUCK!!!!

                  Andres Hoyos
                  ARX Merchant LLC