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    pineapple business needs a boost

    drliving Newbie

      Our Farm is expanding our export business in the United States because our clients want more products and we have access to them with a very large profit margin, upwards 80 to 100% on produce that is very good. We are looking for someone to help with financing. The Farms needs 100,000 to fund purchase orders for our clients. We have the product and the clients we just need more cash to get the products to the clients. The financing payback will be very beneficial to the investor with very low risk. I have scores of 704,689,675 can anyone guide me in the right direction
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          Riveradr Newbie
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            FCPainter Adventurer
            Let me apologize in advance, because I am skeptical about your business. I did check out your website and it does seem legit. I just have never, ever heard of a farming business claiming such huge margins on what is a pretty commodotized product in the midst of an economic downturn.

            However, taking you at your word, I would consider the following creative options on your financing challenges

            1. Go to your suppliers/equipment manufacturers. Often those who know your business best can make the best decisions

            2. Go to a local bank that specializes in agriculture. If you really are in Las Vegas, that may be tough. I know nothing about lending in the Dominican Republic, but maybe one of the huge South American banks has a focus on agricultural lending

            3. Why borrow the money now? If you can grow with such healthy margins, maybe consider doing what you can with what you have and hold off on borrowing.

            Just my thoughts.
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                drliving Newbie
                The reason that the margins are so high is because the other farms that I have relations with grow the other products that are neede in the United States. But you have to remember that the farms are in a third world country and the costs there are a lot less then then costs in the states.
                for instance a 65lb bag of coconut are sold in the Dominican Republic for $13.00 and today in New York the USDA wholesale price is 26-27 dollars for that same bag. So the prices on alot of products are dramitically less.
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                chapeastwood Newbie
                Hi, I'm interested and may be able to assist you. Please email and I can give you a call, as well as email you some information that I would need to make this happen.

                Best Regards,
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                  Dr. Living,

                  Wow-- a pineapple business in Vegas-- that is awesome! You probably won't be able to get a SBA or traditional bank loan right now-- at least most of our colleagues, who have excellent credit, can't either. But I'll bet that you can find a couple angels, especially if you have some level of collateral.

                  Good luck and let us know how it goes!