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    Looking for other "Green" businesses (or any other type) to SEO for each other

    jp1234 Wayfarer
      I have a reclaimed hardwood floor business ( that has just begun to have a web presence. Obviously, this is a "Green" product for the home building and remodeling industry. Ideally, other "Green" related products, services or businesses would be complimentary but what I am proposing is not limited to this category.

      In talking to my SEO consultant, Web 2.0 is what is working now.

      Part of that strategy is to use social networking sites such as Squidoo and others to post comments about sites you like and therefore drive traffic to them. By combining efforts, a group can post favorable reviews or comments about sites they find of value which results in helping each other drive traffic to the individual sites and points search engines to the site, therefore raising the search ranking.

      I am interested in doing this with other sites and was wondering if anyone would like to explore this with me. There is some time commitment involved, but not excessive amounts.

      Please let me know if this is of interest to any of you.

      Pat Hicks