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    How can i make more sales today?

    sweetgirl Newbie
      Hey people , i start a new business believing that this people will help me and give all the tools i need to build my business the right way but all they want is money,money,money they do have all the tool i need and much more but they want me to become member to have it all. This is the third time traing to build a good home base bussiness but no , nothing is happening wiht the advertising im paid, i sign up in FREE web pages to advertise for FREE but you have to get hits and navigate ,spend hours in the computer and at the end nothing happen.Someone out there have a good idea to help me buil a good business in my web side ? The business is about travel i have my own webside but is not working and i do want to make it work some how please help me thank you . Sweetgirl.