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    Promoting a financial service web - what is best for a first step?

    uctrend Newbie
      I do have a unique web site which I try to promote to the investment community.
      As a marketing tool what is best?
      1. to use a refferal system
      2. Allowing a free trial period ( For how long?)

      I do appreciate any suggestion, based upon someone's experiance.
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          DomainDiva Ranger
          You may want to consider visiting a lot of the existing financial web sites to see what they are offering as a free trial nad what their subscription fees are.

          Two are:


          Also you may want to visit, you will get a lot of links to other sites as well.
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            Considering that your giving out advice/analysis that other people will use with their own money, you should consider the professionalism of your own website.

            Just on the home page, there are typos, font size & color changes, very strange spacing between words and letters, and other 'indicators' that say 'not paying attention here.'

            People see this stuff and think 'if they can't get the basic presentation right, how detailed is their analysis? Are they as sloppy in their research?' It's like wearing a cheap and wrinkled suit to an interview.

            Cover the basics first of establishing credibility and expertise by cleaning up first.

            Then, offer a few free reports that are either on-spot relevant for now, or timeless. The latter you can keep in place forever as a freebie; the former would need to be revamped on a frequent time period (or perhaps give away LAST month's reports, with analysis showing how if one acted on said info, one would have profited).

            Lastly (at least for my quick review), consider making your pages more search engine friendly, so you can be found in the search engines by people looking for your type of service. I'll leave the how-to on SE friendly pages for another time.

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              cynthiah941 Newbie
              Hi UCTrend,
              What are you offering on your website? A ticker and statistics? Give me some drama!!!
              Tell me what's going on in the world and how that effects the NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, OTB, freaking China stocks, the dow jones, s&p500 and whatever else you are factoring!
              I want to know what you know that I don't know so I can make some money, because I don't know a whole lot.
              Let me figure out if your free membership is worth paying for after a trial spin of 7-10 days.

              If you can't help me make money, what is your website for? Why should I join
              Where is your blog so I can communicate with other investors?

              No AD sense from Google? Are you crazy? That's the best way to get your website optimized. Google
              will even tell you if your website has what it takes for it to be worth their while to advertise on.
              How can you argue with a company whose shares are selling at $700. a share?