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      I am going to hopefully be able to help everyone out in getting more business for less money. I am a residential/commercial real estate agent in Las Vegas and I wasted thousands of dollars in phone books ads, paper ads in general, and don't get me started on per click ads by google i went through those in an hour with no avail. So i started a new company with two partners that i know that do phonomenal websites,printing, optimization ect. ect. we even provide an HR department for small businesses through DHR. The point is once I found my two partners they showed me how to advertise online on over 200 search engines for $135 a month. that along with a full flash website brought me more business than i could handle. I garauntee front page ranking on yahoo,google,aol, ect, ect or your money back. This is not solicitation this is to help you get more business. just type in my user name and then add .com to the end of it. I don't want to get kicked off of here for soliciting. Hopefully this service helps everyone make more money. We stand behind it money back garauntee. if you can beat the prices let me know..good luck to everyone