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    How to promote a medical transcription business?

    lavondamt Newbie
      I am needing assistance with how to promote a medical transcription business. I want to target Orthopedic/Sports medicine clinics. Anyone have any ideas on methods or advertising avenues of where or how to promote this type of business?

      Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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          bizwriter Adventurer
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            Analysight Newbie

            Since you already know your target market, you should start by finding out how many orthopedic and sports medicine practices are in the geographic area you are serving. You can find get a good comprehensive list from phone directories, Dun & Bradstreet's Million Dollar Database, and American Business Information's ReferenceUSA. These sources will give you a good estimate of the size of your target market. In fact, D&B and ABI will give estimates of sales, employees, and years in business for most establishments within their database. This information will enable you to segment your target market further.

            Survey some of these orthopedists, sports medicine doctors, and their office managers (in many large practices, the office manager may actually make the purchasing decision). Find out what trade publications they read, the trade shows/conferences they attend, what they outsource, how they currently do their transcribing, etc.

            This marketing research will help you determine the most appropriate marketing tactic (direct mail, trade publication advertising, exhibit booth at orthopedic conferences, etc.), and the message you should convey (accuracy, speed, price, some combination, etc.).


            I should also note that with medical practices, word of mouth carries a lot of weight. Physicians are very busy people and often rely upon talk with their colleagues, as they are often inundated.


            My company can assist you with the market sizing and marketing plan for this customer segment. For more information, you can check out our <a href="">website</a>; and for free, useful marketing information, you can check our <a href="">blog</a>.

            Good luck!
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                MissHippie88 Newbie
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