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    Free Debt Counseling

    NoBullFunding Scout
      In today's difficult economic times, virtually every industry has been adversely impacted. It's not that that you don't want to pay your bills, you simply don't have the money to do it. We understand and want to help. We will give you the advice you need to deal with the bank, the credit card company, and their attorneys to reduce your monthly payments.

      Our free service includes:
      • A complete examination of your finances to determine how much you can afford vs. how much your owe.
      • Work with you to establish a realistic strategy to get back on track
      • An evaluation of your personal credit report.

      This service is free. We want to help our fellow americans in this time of economic trouble. No Strings Attached. We'll give you the information you need, or you can hire us to do it for you. Regardless is you retain us to do the "dirty work" the counseling and info is free.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Free Debt Counseling, Great idea

          Free is Great, Your Free service will help many people and hopefully your business.

          I do the same the same with Free Quickbooks.

          It is great to help fellow Americans

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              NoBullFunding Scout
              Thanks Luckiest.

              Would you mind answering my post in "Shop Talk" called "Are Luckiest and shodges the same person?". I'm a little confused. It looked at first glance that you were asking questions under one name, then answering them under another. I don't want to sound accusatory, as I'm sure there is a reasonable explanation that I'm missing here.