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    Advice on this month's newsletter

    BeadBuddies Newbie
      I am sending out my small business newsletter and would like any feedback. This is my 10th newsletter this year. From what I have been reading on this site, I see a lot of great business minds so I think I can get some more ideas! Here's a link to my newsletter:

      Here are some of the tips I have already learned:

      1) Don't send on Mondays - People coming back to work already have too many e-mails.
      2) Only send to interested customers - I send a confirmation e-mail to my customers to make sure they really want e-mails from me. That way I don't waste time or money sending e-mails to customers who don't want e-mails.
      3) Have an interesting subject line. My subject line for this month is "30% Off Sale & Free Bracelet Pattern
      4) Make your newsletter useful. I have included a free pattern and interesting information concerning my business.

      Thanks for any help!


      Rod Connors