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    Business Contacts

    biz101 Newbie
      I need to present my marketing plan to several international companies. I applied for a patent, but I am concerned about pirating of my ideas, because of the huge profits these companies could make. Any suggestions on how to protect myself, yet expose my plan? Anyone know a company that can act as a Master Licensee?
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          DomainDiva Ranger
          Always lead in wtih your executive SUMMARY. Go to, they have some examples. Never give a business plan without an NDA and be sure to number and record the name of the person/company if you do.

          If your executive summary is good they will ask for the business plan. Licensees for patents are for the most part trolls and will insist up to 50-60 % of your company, whereas a VC may ask 30-40%.

          If your idea is that good start talking to family and friends. My first round came from a friend who asked me if 100 grand would help get me started!

          Do you have a business plan? A company with a real board? See if you can score a top notch CEO (Cash Extraction Officer) retired from some Fortune 500 company. (Thats what I did). This will give you an in and some depth with the 'peer' group of financiers.

          Also check out the local venture capital forum groups. If there is a univeristy near that has a business school chances are they will be able to give you a list of names or an invite to the meeting.

          In the DFW area the Southwest Venture Forum meets the first Tuesday at 0700 at the Dallas Country Club...brutal hours especially if you drive from Ft Worth, but worth every minute of it!
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              biz101 Newbie
              Thanks, that's some good advice. I've been having a lot of trouble grtting past the people who are being paid to come up with innovative ideas, to talk to the person that actually makes the money. :)
              That makes 2 questions you have answered for me. I really appreciate it.
              Now, if you would let me borrow your CEO......(maybe he/she has a friend?)