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    able2lightu Newbie

      I also am new in the community and have recently opened my own home based business. I sell, install and service Vehicle warning lights and Sirens or the construction and Emergency services field. I need a good catch phrase and am looking for any suggestions. I am located in Mascotte Florida and rep for several different vendors. I offer on site sales and sevice. Any help would be appreciated.
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          Techie Wayfarer
          Welcome to the community! I'm not a marketing major but I'd have to say that you definitely want to convey the feeling of trust and reliability.
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            ScubaDive Wayfarer
            Do you have any ideas. Maybe if you typed out a couple of thoughts for catch phrases, the Community could help you select a better one and help you revise it too. Do you have an idea of something for starters?
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              legacy653 Newbie

              How about:

              "A constant light in the darkness"
              "Piercing the darkness to keep you safe"
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                mpoweringu Wayfarer

                Hmm... well, what may help you is to think about the value of what you provide. At first glance, it doesn't sound like to much. You provide flashing lights and loud "noisemakers" that are installed in vehicles. Think deeper, what do those flashing lights and sirens do?

                Let me ask you, when you are driving down the highway and you see those flashing red lights of an ambulance behind you and the loud siren as it gets closer, what do you do? You move over, correct?

                What if the ambulance did not have flashing lights or a siren to grab your attention? It may run right up on you and have to slam on the brakes before you notice it and get over. 1) That could cause an accident and the ambulance would never reach the person in need. 2) Those few seconds lost could be too long for an injured person on the brink of death.

                So those lights and sirens are DEFINITELY valuable to emergency vehicles!

                In construction, a person is parked on the side of the interstate in let's say a yellow truck in the late afternoon. You are tired, coming home from work. You slightly dose drifting towards the right (right for the truck) but this bright, blinking light catches your attention and wakes you up to see you need to get back on the road! Did you hit the person? Hopefully not! Even at a busy construction site where large, heavy machinery is constantly moving around, flashing lights help operators see what to avoid (that may have a person inside!)

                So what do you do: "Simply Saving Lives." (That would be my idea of a good slogan. Obviously, it only works in industries where that is the value it provides.)

                So my recommendation, find your value first and who it is really valuable to (hopefully it is to who you are currently selling to!) Then you have a better chance of coming up with a great slogan!

                Hope this helps!

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                  LUCKIEST Guide
                  You sound like you already have a slogan
                  ABLE2LIGHTU should work. Where did you come up with that??
                  Why reinvent the wheel?? Keep it simple and to the point.
                  Do you have a BUSINESS AND MARKETING PLAN??
                  If you are looking for additional help try to be specific.
                  Good luck, LUCKIEST
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                      able2lightu Newbie
                      Thanks so much to everyone who has responded to my slogan help request. I really appreciate the help. As for the marketing and business plan I have not began them yet. I am new to the business field and have to do more research and learn how to do those. Any help in this field would also be greatly appreciate it.
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                      Ed O'Gee Adventurer
                      Just a bit of advise for the slogan - you should do a trademark search to make sure nothing you choose is being used by another company. I don't think you want any law suits for your home based business.
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                          SpeedE55 Newbie
                          You're right about checking on a name first, but usually a lawsuit will only happen if you don't abide by the "cease and desist" letter which is usually a company will send first before getting into any legal proceedings.
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                          SpeedE55 Newbie
                          Maybe I can help you out with a sale. I have an '08 F450 DRW and I want to add strobe flashers to it. I have the upfitter switch package, so powering them should be a snap. My email is Thanks Steve