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    Need some advice on payroll service

    vlgee2 Newbie

      I found your forum while searching for information on payroll service costs, and hope someone here can help me. I work
      for a small company with fourteen employees. All but two are hourly,
      and two are salaried. The company has been using a local payroll service to
      do the payroll for us. Today I learned the payroll service is
      billing us 16 hrs per pay cycle (every two weeks) to do the payroll.

      To me, this seems excessive for only fourteen employees, but wanted
      to ask around, first. What kind of time do you allow on a per person
      basis to run payroll? They calculate time cards, calculate unemployment
      and L&I, enter data, cut checks, and run payroll reports. There are no retirement programs, or special benefits to track. They do track sick time, and vacation time, though.

      Is this typical, or are we being overcharged?
      Sixteen hours just seems like a LOT of time for what seems to be a pretty straight forward payroll.

      Thanks in advance for your insights.