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    Getting advice on logo design

    WEBillions Adventurer
      I'm launching a social network aimed at giving people a fun and interactive way to think about what they want to do with their lives. Our mission is to encourage financial responsibility and the rational pursuit of ambitious goals
      while having fun and connecting with others of similar interests. The primary audience is young adults, but we hope anyone can get something useful out of our site.

      We have been having a particularly hard time designing a logo that is appealing and memorable. Our current short and long logo versions are at the site below. Any thoughts on these logos would be appreciated, particularly about how to make them better. They feature a thought bubble, which will be featured in the site design so it will tie back into the site.
      I can't wait to stop dealing with logo design and get some real work done. Thanks for your help!
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          Lighthouse24 Ranger

          I'm no graphic artist, but I am personally committed to financial responsibility, the pursuit of goals, having fun, and connecting with others - your stated mission - so I'll offer my first impression of your logos.


          The thought balloon idea works for me. However, the WEBillions name and dollar symbol inside it suggested "thinking about money" or "dreaming of getting rich." That led me to conclude that the site was promoting some type of web-based multilevel marketing gimmick -- so much so that I double-checked the link to see if I went to the right site. In short, the logo did not seem to symbolize what you're all about.


          What if the thought balloon included simple icons (in addition to the dollar sign) that better reflect your mission? For instance, the balloon could hold a dollar sign (for financial responsibility), a steep mountain (for the pursuit of goals), a happy face (for having fun), and people with hands linked (for connecting with others). Or maybe the balloon could show iconic people climbing a mountain with their hands linked to reach a rainbow with a pot of gold at the top. Okay, these specific examples may seem lame, but what I'm suggesting is that the contents of thought balloon represent your stated mission - not just dreams of money.


          I hope this feedback was helpful to you. Best of luck!
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            2ShadesofGrey Newbie

            Hello WEBillions. I have to agree with the previous post. It looks and sounds more like a Web marketing scheme than a social site for young adults. That aside, here are a couple things to consider when creating your logo...yes, I am a designer. :)

            Your concept is a good start. I also agree that adding other icons/imagery would help to tie together other aspects of ambitious goals. Maybe the "W" is 2 people talking to each other. Maybe the "i" is a diamond wedding ring. Maybe the "o" has a graduation cap on it. I don't know, small little things like that would be easy enough to add but give it more meaning and perhaps pull it away from the simple Web marketing scheme. They'd have to be very simple though so they don't add much complexity to an already busy logo.

            The thought balloon surrounding your name or graphic works. You should tighten up your balloon though. Perhaps less arches. Longer and less arches that make the border. Add some contrast to the colors used in the type. Pop out the part of the word that you want focused on, maybe this is WEB if you're truly a social community. If no part of that is more important than the other, than perhaps just give contrast to the dollar sign you have at the end. Then it would make sense when you pull it out and use it separately. It becomes your graphic icon. Could even be a simple matter of using a different color outline around it. If you added some other icons as I mention above, those could be pulled out too and used throughout the site. Just a thought.

            Hope some of that was worth reading. Good luck with the community. It is the hip thing these days.