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    Want to sell your products to Portugal?

    nunopm Wayfarer

      Hi there, Im writting from Portugal as i'm lokking for products to sell here in teh portuguese market. I'm looking for products like: handcrfts, hoobbie products, home products: candles, napkins, things like this. And other stuff for out of home: products for gardening, tools, etc.. Tell more products, more ideas that i've never heard about it.
      Thank you. (;
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          lgx198437 Wayfarer

          This is Gary, working in solar energy,
          Before i sell the solar modules to Portugal,
          Are you interested with this proucts,as we known, the solar energy is clean and renewable energy,
          they will take instead of normal energy, for example,oil.
          If you are interested with my introduce!

          Pls contact with me!


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              nunopm Wayfarer
              Hi Gary,
              As you may know, the sun "product" its very much available here, and has plenty of oportunities to place. Meanwhile, there's governement suport around 50% of the amount spend in clean sun solutions, therefore iI would be very interested to know what kind of products do you have.

              If you have msn:
              or by e-mail:

              Thank you,
              Nuno Martins

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              HARVARDHONEY Newbie

              We sell TALKING UMBRELLAS that speak anything that you wish: available in many colors, flashes lights, and talks.


              Please see:
              1 (443)869-1200
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                Felisia Adventurer
                Hi, I have the ideal product for you. It is a product that all women use and need, and what young girls transforming into women will need especially for the next 40 years of thier lives.

                It is an age old product that has been perfected so much and so that it topples our leading brands right here in the USA! It has only been in the America now for the last few months and already women are learning about it, buying it, using it and some are even now independent distributors. Even men are becoming independent distributors as well.

                Check out this video on (will have to cut and paste this link into your browser) You will get an A++ demonstration of the product and its proficiency. Once you have seen the video and feel that this might be an ideal product for you, get back to me at so that I may provide you with more details about the company, the compensation plans and all of their products, and how sign up information on how you can become an Independent Distributor in your company.

                Take care now.

                Ms. Stansbury
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                  Raphael.Jerry Wayfarer
                  Hi I'm Raphael Jerry from Nairobi Kenya, I have been looking for a partner to help me market some of the wide variety of hand made products such as Curios, paintings garments and any products you may be interested in.

                  we are enterpreneurs that can get you any product that is on great demand from your end.
                  please get intouch with me so that we may consult further on products that may interest you so that we can avail them to you at very reasonable prices considering Kenya is a low labour zone thus we may be in a position to get you very low prices on products.

                  reach me on or Skype raphael.jerry

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                    harishmanek Adventurer