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    business opportunity

    token88 Newbie
      Here are some details to my prior email...

      I have uncovered the most amazing financing system i have ever seen... It was put together by a Hedge fund as a profit making venture and its brilliant...

      You put 50K into an escrow account and you provide a one page summary of how your going to use the money. They use this money to build you out a 6 to 9 year old corporation with very substantial trade lines and an 80 Paydex score from Dunn and Bradstreet. This corporation then receives a loan from the Hedge Funds for a minimum of $1.5 Million to a max. of $3.5M. This loan is for a 20 year term at prime + 4%, or around 9% a year. NO personal guarantee, they will do a criminal back round and credit check of the President for character reasons only.

      They assign a "risk value" to your one page Executive Summary for your business plan. Based on this you pay points out of your loan of 16% to 30% they use this money to make back the loan, they can put the money to work in there trade platform and make back the loan in 4 to 7 years.

      If 50% of the loans pay back they make a fortune, now you might ask why use a corp. why not just lend you the money ? they want your business venture to have the best chance of making it so you get this corp. which you are the President of and 100% owner of so you can get other vendor credit, lease credit, vehicle loans and other loans from other sources if you need it.

      I have a way for you to make 10% a month on your available cash to help you make the payments.

      This takes 6-8 weeks to build out the corp. and transfer it into your name and another 30 days for the loan, If your payments are current during the first year they will increse you available credit.

      The important question is do you have a business plan that can make money ? If you don't have the 50K, you can get a "mini-corp" for $8.5K. no up front fee, must have a fico of 700