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    Spring Cleaning - Turn Useless into Useful‏

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      Spring Cleaning - Turn Useless into Useful


      It's that time of year again - time for Spring cleaning. As the weather is getting much warmer and the days longer, I am getting more motivated to get more done around the house and yard.

      Inside so much seems to have accumulated over the winter. It's time to sort, trade, giveaway, or sell all the "treasures" that are sitting in the garage, stacked in a corner, cluttering the closets, or collecting dust in the attic and basement.

      Take it "One Room at a Time" - no sense in getting overwhelmed by the yearly chore ahead of you. Start by sorting through the drawers and closets. If it's not been used or worn in over a year and is not of extreme sentimental value to you, it really needs to go. As someone who likes auctions and yard sales, I look at it like this. If I get rid of what I don't need and use I can make room for all the new treasures I am going to find this summer - such a happy thought.

      What can you do with all these items that you have sorted through and just can't throw them away because they are still useable? Donate some things to Goodwill, the Salvation Army, or your local thrift stores, have a yard sale, post the items on websites such as that offer free classifieds and auctions, and of course recycle if possible.
      You will be surprised to see how many people are interested in all the things you no longer have a use for.