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      To start it off, I feel that if do not let the rest of the nation know about this, I am robbing them of what could potentially be the most powerful business opportunity to ever hit. Here is why:

      As you may know, energy deregulation is happnening NOW and only happens ONCE. It is being categorized as the "Next American Gold Rush" and will without a doubt be the largest transfer of wealth in this countries history.

      Ambit is partnered with Shell, the 3rd largest/2nd most profitable corporation in the world! This ensure Ambit's credibility and longevity. Ambit is also a BBB Accredited business and is on pace to be the fastest company ever to $1 billion dollars in revenue, beating Google who did it in 6 years. See the potential?

      We have consultants in just about every state earning big time income. Our top consultants are already earning 6 figures of residual income per month on top of regular compenstation.

      This is a timely opportunity I decided to take advantage of because I see the big picture. The compensation is the easiest and most beneficiary I have came across in my business endeavors. I am sharing this because if you see the potential like I did and treat it as a business, there is no question you will be making big, and I mean BIG money within a year as we continue to be the fasest growing company EVER.

      To learn all about it, including our founders and investors credibility visit my website.

      Grow With Ambit!