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    all i wanted was a pepsi.....just one! maybe $10,000 will do

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      Remember the movie repo man?

      My name is Curtis V. Saver JR.,

      I am 25, I live in San Antonio, i'm a business/communications student,kick boxer, father,and I work full time. I'am known to use logical, forthright thinking and I'm able to provide effective solutions to solve difficult problems and situation. I want to work for my self, iwant to be able to share my vision of hard work and reward to my wife and two children.

      The plan, I need a tow truck for an asset recovery service (A.K.A. auto repo service) I plan to run from home and having trouble finding the right lender.I have a load of experience and knowledge in the trade of repossession and towing, combined. I live in Texas so very little is required for this particular business in terms of licensing, beside the courage and co-operation with police. My idea comes from my great grandfather, who drove a wrecker for a salvage yard for thirty years, and although my great grandfather never went through with completing his goals of being his own boss, he educated me on the trade. Before the economic slump, I only used this knowledge for personal friends and family and never considered the capital to be gained.

      Although the banks have already lost money due to the delinquency of the unpaid car loans, there are willing to pay anywhere between $350-$10,000 dollars to have a vehicle returned, whether it be: a car; motorcycle; boat; or even motor home.

      I do not want to be a Grinch and take everyone's car; I just know how a good opportunity walks. My dilemma is that tow truck, due to the equipment are expensive. However, it is possible to find a used truck for an exceptional price but usually the age of the truck (7 years) or miles (75,000 miles) effects the eligibility for requirements from banks.

      I found a very nice wrecker with only 12,000 miles but it was a 1999 model. I then found a wrecker that was a 2006 model but it had 120,000miles.GRRRR. If there is any information that anyone might know of that is helpful in getting me get a used vehicle loan for starting my srevice that i can work with. , no matter the year or mileage.

      Thank you for your interest,
      Curtis V. Saver Jr.