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    Recent college grad looking to start own business.

    mclem864 Newbie

      I recently graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering and decided to move out to Denver from Ohio. I have not been able to find an entry-level job for the life of me because most of the companies around me work directly with the local colleges for the entry-level stuff. Anyway, my point is, I have been wanting to start my own storage facility business out here and I thought since I have all of this free time right now I should give it some serious thought. I currently own several rental properties back in Ohio that I have owned for about three years so I have a general backround in being a landlord and property manager. After doing some preliminary research I think I have found a good location for the business. It would be located in Colorado Springs, near the army base because they constantly have a need for storage. The army is constantly moving people in and out of the area and many choose not to get into anything too permanant. I have some general ideas on what to do but I am new to this whole thing. If anyone out there has any advice on how to approach this new business venture it would be much appreciated.