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    federal contracts

    gateway Newbie

      I believe there are ways to obtain contracts for minority business enterpreneurs. Anyone would help how to go about it,
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          360ceo Newbie
          Good Morning Gateway,

          My company is based in the Washington D.C. area and about 80% of our business is in support of the Federal Government. We are a small business and we primarily are subcontractors. We are trying to posture ourselves to become a "prime" contractor. There are a number of programs geared towards assisting minority businesses win federal business.

          What product or service do you provide? Also, maybe you can elaborate on what you would like to accomplish in the Federal contracting sector.
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            Lighthouse24 Ranger

            One of the first and easiest things is to contact the purchasing department (or visit the website) of any federal agency, facility, or prime government contractor in your area to which you could provide products or services. They all have mandates to buy from minority-owned businesses when possible, and many offer their purchasing agents some strong incentives for doing so. Those agents will probably go out of their way to tell you exactly what's necessary to do business with them.

            Be prepared to adopt more stringent accounting practices than you may currently employ, to provide invoices and records in the formats they want, and to open your books for audit/inspection. The federal government is a terrific customer - they buy a lot, pay on time, and the check is always good. Gaining those benefits often means complying to their standards, as they (or we, the American taxpayers) understandably require elements of fiscal accountability that private sector customers do not.

            A final thought -- in Texas, almost every sizable community has a Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, as well as other networking associations like Women in Business. Find and join one or more of those organizations in your area. They will be able to offer you more specific help and guidance than most of us in this community can.
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              mikanui Wayfarer
              You can also use a registration service that cuts out a lot of the paperwork and headaches by contacting us at One Solution, LLC. We are contracted with to help small disadvantaged businesses get registered with the multiple agencies within the Federal Government so that you can be eligible to bid contracts or gain access to supllying the Federal Government.

              If you go to the Startup businesses forum and look for "Ever thought of working with the federal government?" you can get a bunch of info there already, and I am available through this forum or through my office directly. We help businesses nationwide to get registered with the Federal Government.

              And yes, there are great advantages to being a small, disadvantaged, diabled, minority owned and/or majority woman owed business when it comes to going after Federal Government work.

              Mike Kaleikini
              One Solution, LLC
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                USfederal Newbie
                At US Federal Contracting Corporation we serve the unique needs of small and mid-sized businesses in the federal market place. We understand the need to access this market in these tough economic times. We know how important additional revenue is in order to help your business stay strong and successful.
                Government purchasers do not have enough vendors or companies to do business with. Less than 10% of businesses are classified to do federal work. When supply and demand is unbalanced in that way, a market will grow with opportunity. This trend is predicted to incline for at least 10 years.

                We provide consultation and online advertising to assist businesses in the Federal Market Place.


                Our services provides online exposure to your business as a government contractor.

                We build a profile for your company in the acceptable format.

                Registered members will receive free consultation with obtaining a DUNS Number, CCR Registration, CAGE Code, ORCA and any other type of registrations or classifications that may apply to your business to possibly increase your success in the government market place.

                Our classification specialists can assist your company in determining your socio economic status for verification or certification along with your company's statistical information for your membership listing.