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    Is "First ACH" a safe ach processor?

    behealthy Newbie
      I need a ach processor that is safe for mmy customers information, but I also need one that can accept us and get us processed be Friday. Just wondered if anyone has used First ACH, or if someone has another company that would be easy for us to get started with. Thanks!We need the help.
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          paymentpro Newbie
          Check out this company...They have great pricing and an exceptional all in one product. They are a safe, stable ACH and credit card processor with a long 10 year history. You can also call them @ 866-378-0001

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            bmt2008 Adventurer
            Have you contacted your bank and see what they offer? Maybe both cost effective and save time in processing.

            Business Money Today
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              JustJenn Newbie

              If you haven't found one yet I would be happy to help you! My email is
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                amspcs Ranger
                I'm not familiar with First ACH, so can't comment on them one way or the other. They are probably simply the sales office (ISO in industry jargon)--what you want to know is which banking institution functions as their 'Acquirer' in order to judget them.

                That said, I'm a fan of known commodities, not Brand X. Have a look at this link:


                Easy free online app--if you apply Thursday, you should be up and running late Friday assuming your business qualifies. No cost online software, don't need to buy or lease equipment or wait for it to be programmed or shipped. Fortune 500 company, no long term contracts, not much not to like.
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                  nhralliance Newbie
                  first ach is an awful company to deal with. they will require reserve requirements without any information as to why. there customer service is poor at best and there fees are high with a lock in contract which is next to impossible to be released from. achworks is great! you can google them. i would not recommend first ach to my worst enemy, they are useless, unprofessional at best if you can get a return call or email, and priced higher then their competitors.
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                      Karan99 Newbie
                      STAY AWAY!!!!

                      It is a Horrible company to work with. I used it for a couple of months for payroll direct deposit, they took any where from 4 to 8 working days to process the deposit. Once cycle they took out funds from my account and took 5 working days after that to make the deposit. Unsatisfied with their service I tried to discontinue their service and they have made me send them 4 e-mails and 3 faxes for the same , and still they are charging their fee.
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                      TMB_DBC Newbie

                      First ACH has really terrible customer service and some very misleading pricing polices.

                      I spent about 20min on the phone with them prior to signing up to discuss the cost associated with setting my customers up on ACH payments. I explained the type of business, what we wanted to do, the $ amounts etc. I was quoted a monthly fee with no per transaction fees. In comparison to other companies I looked into, it seemed like a great deal.

                      After I signed up a rep called me to discuss my application. I again explained everything as was told it would be the same price that had been discussed. All seemed good so I began getting my customers set up for automatic payments.

                      When the first payment came in to my account, it was several dollars short of what I had put it in for. I e-mailed the customer service to ask why. The response I got was that during the sign up process, a pop up window said "your business qualifies for a 3% discount rate" and when I clicked "ok" (the only option) I agreed that First ACH could keep 3% of everything my business brought in. When I expressed outrage over this, I was told point blank that this misleading pop up window was the correct info and what I was told by the sales reps was incorrect. My business was "high risk" and therefore there was no way around the "discount rate." I asked for a list of business types and the corresponding fees because none of this was mentioned anywhere on their website or by their sales reps. They refused to send it even after I asked 5 different times. Since I had already set up 30 customers, I had to go to the OCC to file a complaint about their lies. Once I did that, they quickly changed their minds. A manager called me and told me the issue was that I had made a mistake when selecting my business type. When I pointed out that my business type was changed by their reps, the manager stopped responding and handed me off to someone else. After about a month of fighting with them, I finally got my money back. The still refused to give me the list of businesses that are "high risk" and what fees they charge them. I really wonder how many people are being ripped off by this company because they didn't fight as hard as I did.


                      If you have any issues with this company, file a complaint with the OCC. They will give you the brush off if you don't. The OCC also tracks illegal behavior on the part of banks and will fine them accordingly.
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                        FirstACH Newbie
                        Dear behealthy,

                        First ACH has been in business since 1998, and we actually have fewer complaints and issues than many of our competitors. Our systems exceed the security requirements by the payments industry, and we are sticklers for the rules and regulations of our industry. The Financial industry is riddled with dissatisfaction because most people don't understand the regulations that are in place to keep the consumers safe. Merchants are held to strict requirements and have to provide precise documentation and proof of permission to collect payment. First ACH follows these rules, and we require our merchants follow them, too.

                        In over 11 years of business, we have gotten some complaints and postings to the BBB, but everything we do is following the rules. Unfortunately, you can't see the complaints to the BBB, so you can't read for yourself why people were unhappy. Most people are upset because we could not process for their business types and had to close them. We don't keep people's money; if we aren't allowed to send them to the merchant, we refund them to the customer. Sometimes it's harder to follow the rules, and it makes some people unhappy, but we are committed to doing what's right.

                        We hope you take complaints toward any company into consideration. People who have posted negative comments probably have some posted against them, too. The BBB does not grant "A" status unless you pay their membership dues, and they don't provide equal service to nonmembers. That's not a neutral evaluation. (By the way, we've responded to this posting before, but it was removed. Why? We don't know. There's no one to ask.)