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    From Unemployed to Small Business Owner. My Story

    CitizenSurviv Newbie

      Hello Dear Small Business Community,

      I don't know how many here started as unemployed, but what I have learned from my experience is, NEVER GIVE UP!.

      I was laid off a few months ago due to the economy conditions. For 5 years I worked as a Technical Engineer for a medical devices company in California. A few months before getting laid off I started my business from home. I am still looking for a job while working on this new venture. It's though, since I have a family to support, sales are slow and it's hard to find a job. It's slowly picking up but I am very confident that even with this economy my business will pick up.

      My message to any one in this or similar situation.

      - Never Give Up!
      • - Work Extremely Hard!*
      • - Networking Is Very important!*
      • - Give 100% Satisfaction To Your Customers!*


      about my business

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